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Estate Planning is for Everyone

We believe that all lawyers should deliver more value, speak in plain English, and be more transparent in the process with the goal of delivering the comprehensive services you need more efficiently and collaboratively.

According to an AARP survey, 60% of adults lack a will or living trust. The reality is, even for those who have taken the time to get their estate planning done, most estate plans are woefully inadequate. Everyone needs at least least basic estate planning documents. If you have children, a home, or assets in the six figures, you should have a comprehensive trust-based estate plan that avoids the court procedures of conservatorship and probate, maximizes tax planning opportunities, maximizes asset protection for your beneficiaries, maximizes divorce protection for your beneficiaries, preserves public benefits for your beneficiaries, and ensures that inheritances for young or immature beneficiaries are managed by a trusted adult. At the highest level, think of your estate plan as a set of legally binding instructions that speak for you when you are unable to speak for yourself.

The Lawyer Playbook narrows the divide by sharing the estate planning lawyer’s “playbook.” We have taken the nuanced fundamentals of estate planning and created short videos in simple everyday language to help you understand the concepts and benefits. After watching these videos, you will have a better idea of what you need before you enter your first meeting with your lawyer.

Please remember that the information contained on this website is not intended to aid a “do-it-yourself-approach” but is instead designed to better prepare you to work with a competent lawyer of your choice who is licensed to practice law in your community. Always let the coach run the plays!


Kyle opens the Lawyer Playbook to share various legal strategies related to estate planning.

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Why a Living Trust?
In this video, Kyle explains why often a Revocable Living Trust is the most efficient mechanism for the administration and distribution of assets in the event of incapacity and upon death.
What is a Living Trust?
In this video, Kyle explains the basic elements of a Revocable Living Trust.)
Elements of a Comprehensive Estate Plan
Does your estate planning binder have to be so big? Yes! Kyle tells you why.
The A/B Trust for a Married Trust-Maker
In this video, Kyle explains the difference between an “A Trust” (also known as an “I Love You Trust”) and an A/B Trust (also known as a “I Love You . . . But Trust”).
Common Pot Trust
In this video, Kyle explains that equal is not always fair and describes how the Common Pot Trust can provide an fair mechanism to ensure that all beneficiaries of a trust are sufficiently “launched” into adulthood before dividing an...
The Beneficiary Controlled Trust
In this video, Kyle explains how you can structure your beneficiary’s inheritance to provide a degree of asset protection and divorce protection for your beneficiary.
About Kyle A. Krasa

I’ve heard time and time again that the number one reason clients put off scheduling a meeting or starting the estate planning process is fear – fear that there will be too much information to digest and that the concepts will be hard to understand. The mission of the Lawyer Playbook is to give you the basic X’s and O’s of estate planning law to prepare you to work with your attorney to accomplish your goals.

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